3 Things You May Have Missed in Your Retail POS Choice

The right Point-of-Sale system or POS is a vital component of your retail business. It not only helps your customers pay for their purchases but can simplify your business operations and provide you with key data to make more informed decisions.

When purchasing a POS system, businesses focus on the system features and capabilities first, such as inventory management, accounting, customer management or sales reporting. While this is crucial, there are many aspects that get overlooked that can make a difference to your operational success. Here are three of them.

1. Cloud-based or traditional POS system?

Consider where you want the POS data to reside. Unlike the traditional POS software where data is stored on premise (on company servers), cloud-based POS systems store all customer data in the cloud, with the advantage of accessing this data anytime and anywhere, as long as you are connected.

Retailers are looking at this option to benefit from the flexibility, faster speed processing, and the enhanced data encryption offered by cloud providers.

2. System integration and compatibility

There is more to setting up your POS system than meets the eye. The initial investment involves the software itself, but also the hardware. Look at how compatible your POS system would be with your existing infrastructure and barcode scanners. Also, ensure that the running costs of the POS system would be relatively affordable to justify the ROI.

Bear in mind that a POS system should be easier to integrate and allow communication with third-party software, if desired, to streamline your operations further. It can also lower costs associated with the POS setup and its continuous use.

3. Ease of use to facilitate staff training

A complex and difficult POS system would be of very little to no use for a business, no matter the functionality. Choose a POS system that is easy to operate at all times and can facilitate the faster training of employees in fast-paced retail environments when a higher turnover of staff is common.

The goal is to enable your business to stay productive while incentivising the staff and keeping your clients happy. A POS system with an easy-to-use interface and easy to understand functionality can transform the stressful retail experience into a pleasant one.

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