Adopt the Latest Technology and Adapt Accordingly

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared for the unexpected or at least be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to whatever unusual events we may experience. Times have changed and we need to change too.

A big part of that change is finding new ways of working. The great news is that we do not need to reinvent the wheel. We already have the ‘tools’ available in modern technology. We just need to adopt it and adapt accordingly... Get current and stay current to remain relevant. 

From a business perspective, a part of that change is a drive towards digital transformation. It’s nothing new but it has most certainly become a consumer expectation over the last year or two and can help weather some of the storms too.

Quick and efficient operational systems, good stock management, ecommerce, cloud solutions, greater automation, less manual tasks, scalability, easy payment options, mobile applications, easily accessible information and the likes are just some of what we need to have in place to remain up to date with the times.

We have seen many examples over the last year or two during the various lockdowns or political unrest for example where businesses using the latest technology were able to get through things a little more easily. It was by no means easy for anyone but it was a little easier to adapt to new circumstances and some may even have found new opportunities within that.

Kerridge Commercial Systems have worked even harder than usual over the last two years to ensure we are able to provide our customers with the right tools. Our fully integrated flagship ERP solution for medium to enterprise sized Distributors and Wholesalers have been upgraded. Our SME solution called IQ Retail have also gone through upgrades. In addition to these upgrades, we have ensured we are able to provide leading edge cloud solutions, mobile applications and business intelligence tools to help our customers digitally transform. Some customers have even adopted our Plant, Tool and Equipment Hire solution to expand on their business offering… again finding new opportunities in unusual circumstances.

As far as Apps go, our Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) App for example have become business critical in some instances. ePOD enables users to manage their delivery cycle via an app and to capture signatures electronically, whilst automatically sending updates to their ERP system in the back end. No paper trail or lost information. Everything done electronically.

We have launched several other useful solutions to better equip our customers, such as our ePick and eReipt Apps. We have also partnered with Phocas, leading BI solution’s business. Phocas simply integrates with your ERP system and enables businesses to make the most of their data, showcasing it in an easily understandable and user-friendly way.

In terms of cloud solutions, not all of our customers were ready to take that route as yet. In those instances we have provided a server health checks document or offered assistance to help manage on premise servers.

These are just a few examples to help our customers to digitally transform or to equip them with the right tools in this day and age. 

Regardless of where or how you start with your business’ digital transformation journey or however you move things forward, perhaps one step at a time, ensure you keep in mind, that times are indeed changing and that you are able to adapt quickly and efficiently. We have to find new ways of working to get current and to stay current. 

If you want to see how we can help your business to digitally transform, contact us to explore the best route for your business.