API – Application Programming Interface

Gone are the days of multiple systems that operate independently from each other.

If you are still using manual processes or outdated systems, it’s time for a change. Change, as we know, is not always easy. Sometimes a business might have legacy systems in place which may not be on the cards to change right away for various reasons, but some other operational processes might not be able to afford the wait. This often leaves the likes of distributors and wholesalers in a difficult position.

It needn’t be a make or break situation. An Application Programming Interface (API) can help your business to overcome this problem by connecting independent systems or applications with your IQ system.

Once an API has connected or integrated the different systems, it enables them to communicate with each other and work together.

The API enables users to look up the latest product details and pricing, generate sales orders, create quotes and invoices, process payments, manage purchases and much more via an ecommerce platform, mobile solution or third-party application, allowing specific data to flow to and from the IQ Retail system.

API enables:

  • Ecommerce integration between different platforms
  • Real-time updates on your BI information
  • Data extraction
  • Automation of process flows where there is more than one software application in place
  • Integration into third-party products
  • Mobile apps, like the Phocas BI tool for example, to easily connect with the IQ system
  • B2C and B2B integrations

Key trading features:
By integrating our API with any of the IQ Retail systems and a third-party system, you can

  • Cater for both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) e-tailing methodologies
  • Retrieve customer and supplier master details
  • Retrieve customer selling prices, including contract prices
  • Process customer quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, job cards, transfers, and payments via another solution
  • Process account and cash sale invoices and credit notes
  • Process cash and account payments
  • Convert sales orders to invoices
  • Access and update customer loyalty schemes
  • Retrieve stock available on-hand values for each of your branches
  • Retrieve active promotions
  • Retrieve sales reps’ and stock details with images

Are you ready to take the next step and in the market for a new ERP, Retail, or Business Management system? Do you still need to keep your ecommerce site or other mobile applications in place at the same time?

IQ Retail can help.

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