Business Management Systems that Makes a Difference

Having a proper business management or ERP system in place, is a topic that is no longer in question. Most business have realised the value of good software as the need for such solutions have escalated since the start of Covid-19.

Digital transformation has turned into a reality and businesses have been pushed to operate in smoother and more efficient ways. This includes having the most up to date technology in place or businesses may risk falling behind the competition.

The bigger questions are now focused around which software providers to use rather than whether it is a necessity. Additionally, you need to understand if your preferred software providers are industry leaders who continues to invest in R&D and in turn, whether you are on the latest versions available.

These are key considerations providing some ‘food for thought’, even for those businesses who already have the right solutions in place but who might still be running on older or even outdated versions.

Covid-19 has caused havoc in many ways and has left us with some lasting effects. This includes the way in which we work and in how businesses operate. Given economic challenges, this may have created some hesitance as to whether it is the right time to invest in the latest and most up to date software solutions. It is indeed absolutely crucial to stay current and to keep ahead of the competition.

Here are some reasons why IQ Retail’s customers choose to upgrade.

Industry Leaders:

IQ Retail have been in business for over 30 years and serve over 15000 customers across Africa. We recently expanded our footprint into the UK which means we continue to grow and expand on our knowledge and experience.  IQ Retail is a part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems Group who heavily invests in R&D, ensuring our customers have the right tools for the environment we find ourselves in.

Customer Satisfaction:

Over the past two years we have measured our Customer Satisfaction with the Support teams.

Year on Year, our scores have improved as we have worked closer with our customers and our Development teams to ensure issues are resolved and software continues to improve.

The best results are achieved when our customers use our latest and most up to date versions of our software.

Access to more knowledgeable staff:

As our support teams grow, they are trained on the latest versions of our software. This means more consistency, greater knowledge on the latest versions, resulting in customer queries being resolved in quicker and more efficient ways.

Business growth:

More simplified and straightforward functionality, providing the businesses of today with exactly what they need.

Given that we continue to improve on our latest versions, customers have access to more ‘add-on’s’, more integrations and more eApps that will only work with the latest releases, allowing greater ROI and efficiencies with self-service support on the Customer Portal.

There are many reasons to upgrade as per the above mentioned. A key aspect is to ensure that you run your business in an efficient and streamlined way, keeping your customers happy, and keeping ahead of the competition.