Electronic Proof Of Delivery

With advancements in technology becoming more and more common, the need for the customer’s experience to become more digital, is greater than ever. Customers no longer want to have the hassle of having to deal with paperwork or for the process to be disorganised, especially as they expect deliveries to be done seamlessly and on time.

One such solution is an Electronic Proof Of Delivery (ePOD) system. This meetsboth the customer and the company’s needs.

The customer

Customer expectations have evolved alongside the evolution of technology. With people becoming accustomed to things happening how they want and when they want it, the seamless management of the process is key. 

With  pre-delivery notifications, real-time delivery tracking, and post-delivery notifications being sent directly to the customer’s mobile device, the customer’s expectation and need of instant and reliable results is satisfied. This, therefore, benefits the customer as it keeps their experience with the company positive and are in line with their expectations.

The business

Businesses that utilise the ePOD system can reap huge benefits. With the electronic system, the on-site process is faster, which means companies can make more deliveries a day, which positively impacts their finances.

Admin is minimised and all aspects are documented whether it be a photo of the goods, electronic signatures or any notes that needs to be recored. IQ Retail's ePOD solution integrates with their ERP system , allowing for further integration of process, customer data, invoices, record keeping and more.

The environment

It is quite apparent to see why the environment benefits from a paperless system. This is becoming an increasingly important part of business, as customers are more environmentally conscious and therefore prefer to support sustainable and environmentally aware companies.

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