Improve on Stock Control Efficiencies with an Industry Specific ERP Solution

During the start of the pandemic the globe experienced what was referred to as ‘panic buying’, whether that be personal panic buying, experiencing a shortage of key  items  or in many cases, your business may have been affected by it. This meant that supply chains operated under huge stress.. A combination of factors such as panic buying, looting, customer expectations, and an even bigger drive towards digital transformation than ever before, once again highlighted that the right business management systems are required and that business owners need to ensure they can scale effectively, quickly and efficiently as and when needed in order to adapt to an ever-changing environment..

A fully integrated ERP system can help you manage all of your operational processes in one system. And an industry specific ERP system will fair even better as it will cater to your Vertical’s specific needs, for example IQ Retail offer a fully integrated ERP system, specifically designed and developed for Distributors and Wholesalers, Merchants and any type of Distributive traders.

A good distributive or wholesale specific ERP solution will most certainly help you up your game and enable you to take control of your stock, providing full visibility of stockholding, its value and the cost to your business. It will help also ensure businesses can successfully balance supply and demand as well as purchasing, sales and inter-branch transfers. This will allow your business to be front of line and top of mind with your customers, setting you up for further success.

Stock checks can be done by product, range or location. And PPI (Physical Perpetual Inventory) classification can be done by stock movement or by stock value. Batched product info is available and businesses can trade in an uninterrupted manner during stock counting which can otherwise result in trading delays or extra over time for staff along with several other challenges.

Additionally, mobile applications can take the whole cycle up a notch by further digitising, streamlining and speeding up the entire process as well as making it more environmentally friendly. IQ Retail have launched several mobile applications that simply adds on to their ERP system making stock management even more of a seamless process. Some of our applications include ePOD, which is an Electronic Proof of Delivery App where users can manager their entire delivery cycle, eliminating paper trails, reducing loss of documents, reducing costs in the long run and supporting a greener environment by saving on paper, printers, cartridges and admin hassles. These Apps are easy to use and a great add on to any stock control operations.

ERP systems can help businesses to take control of their stock and ensure uninterrupted and excellent customer service. It’s no longer a nice to have, it’s become an essential business management tool especially where businesses source, stock, service and sell goods. And it’s never been more relevant than where we find ourselves at this point in time with high customer expectations, fierce competition and an even bigger drive, to digitally transform.

ERP systems will help streamline operational processes, it will ensure everything happens quickly and efficiently, it can even automate certain process and provide key business information in a comprehensive and all-inclusive manner, instead of providing info in a silo approach which can lead to inaccuracies, inefficiencies and much more.

It’s a tough and fast moving market. Be the business that ensures top notch customer service, quickly and efficiently, and be ahead of the competition.

Contact IQ Retail today to learn more about our ERP and Business Management Software to see how it can help your business take control of its stock and much more.