Solve Your Delivery Challenges with an ePOD Solution

An electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solution supports your product or service delivery process. It is instrumental in the fast resolution of most common delivery challenges, by improving the communication between drivers on-site and the office. Here are the main benefits of using an ePOD system:

Reduce and solve delivery errors

An ePOD app installed on the driver’s smartphone or any other suitable device enables drivers to directly open and review the delivery manifest with the delivery information on the device.

The manifest can be either pre-loaded in the system or uploaded by scanning the deliveries and capturing the relevant data. This way, drivers are fully aware of the delivery route and can better organise the dropouts throughout the day.

If problems arise with a delivery, such as a damaged product, the driver can record the issue directly on the device and make further notes and comments. Instant communication with the office staff can lead to immediate resolution, such as dispatching a new product to replace the faulty one.

The only requirement is to ensure the ePOD solution is online and connected to the network, so all the updates can be registered automatically and instantly.

Improve customer service

A key component of successful deliveries is customer satisfaction and positive feedback. Customers expect the safe delivery of the right product at the right time.

An electronic proof of delivery solution can increase the quality of customer service by keeping clients informed about their delivery. An ePOD solution delivers automatic notifications to customers telling them of their next shipment or the reason for delivery cancellations or delays.

When the delivery takes place, the ePOD system immediately captures the client’s information and signature, confirming the shipment. The customer then directly receives a signed copy of the proof of delivery via email.

The entire process is secure and timely. Any issues detected at the time of delivery can be communicated to the office and solved as soon as possible.

The IQ Delivery & Collections Module helps you manage all aspects of your delivery cycle, from initial planning and route optimisation through to loading vehicles and customer delivery. The solution integrates the ePOD Electronic Proof of Delivery app.

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