Top ERP Features that Help Engage Millennial Users

The first generation to grow up with uninterrupted access to technology and information are the Millennials. Millennials are perceived as a tough market to understand which often translates into the workplace. Employers are not sure how to navigate the needs of millennial employees or might not be ready for such changes yet, which can lead to unnecessary confrontation and resentment. So, how does an organisation meet the needs of the millennial target group? When it comes to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), we’ve got a few tips to share. If you’re looking to engage millennial users, here are the top ERP features that will help you achieve this:

Millennials embrace Cloud above all else

While many ERP solutions have advanced to include cloud technology, 43% of millennials prefer cloud-based systems to on-premises or hybrid systems. The reason for this is because many millennials spend their time out of the office, and want the ease that comes with remote access. Cloud-based ERP technology also allows for quick deployment, adaptability, global extensibility, social collaboration, improved user interfaces, and real-time analytics, all of which play into the ways in which millennials like to operate.

Simplicity is key

While millennials do have the aptitude to operate advanced technology and complex operating systems, millennials share the rational perspective that it’s an inefficient use of time to do something that could be simplified. Not only do millennials respond better to straightforward user interfaces, but they also appreciate efficiency and productivity, which a complicated system would ultimately hinder. When trying to engage millennial users, it is important to focus on simplicity.

Learning-on-the-go is important

According to behavioural analyses conducted by Forbes, millennials respond well to learning-on-the-go which is a breakaway from the traditional educational component of most ERP systems. It is important that, when selecting an ERP system, organisations invest in next-generation solutions that include an on-the-move training approach to ensure that millennials remain interested and committed to the operational training period.

Easy online visualisation

Often, with legacy ERP solutions, the online dashboards are convoluted and difficult to interpret. To engage millennial users, it is imperative that online dashboards and interfaces are easy to read and soft on the eye. Ultimately, millennials operate best when they have all of the necessary information in plain view as this makes it easier to decipher and analyse, and assists in better executing information-based decisions.

While business leaders can often be jaded towards millennials, it is easy to see how untrue the alleged laziness or lack of interest in traditional business processes can be. Instead, it is important to note that millennials look at the world in a different way. After all, they did grow up in a time where they had the universal Internet of Things at their fingertips. Not only can business leaders learn from them, but they can also use their ideas to improve and future-proof their business practices.