What Resellers Should Know About Channel Partnership Success

For software resellers, the secret to success lies in the collective power of two companies – the reseller itself, and the organisation. A strong combination of expertise, engagement, and management results in almost guaranteed success. However, it is important for resellers to fully understand their role and responsibilities when partnering with organisations.

If you’re looking to become a reseller, or are looking to refresh your relationship with an organisation, here is what you should know about creating a successful and sustainable partnership:

Work Together to Market Your Product

The power of collaboration comes to light in the form of a marketing strategy that is inclusive, innovative, and comprehensive. The first step in an effort to collaborate is by means of a marketing plan that is created together. A marketing plan will reveal the trajectory of how your collaboration will lead to success by assigning targets and accountability to each party. A marketing strategy will also ensure that you reach your targets within your predetermined timeline and, if you’re not close to achieving them, you will have a better understanding of how to get your sales back on track.

Inspire Conversation and Communication

One of the best ways to ensure success is to inspire and encourage conversation and communication among employees of both organisations. Not only will this encourage better communication between the two teams, but it will also encourage higher rates of engagement with existing and potential customers. Conversation and communication will also improve marketing activities, sales, and field work.

Boost Your Product Knowledge

There is no better way to ensure success than through the improvement of your product knowledge. It is imperative to ensure that all members of your staff fully understand all products, how to promote and sell them. Channel sales should become product experts and attend regular training. Not only will this ensure that resellers and partners speak the same language, but it will also ensure that customers receive the attention and service that they deserve.

Chat to C-Suites

Success is often the result of engaging directly with business leaders and decision makers. It does not go unnoticed when both the reseller and the partner approach executive management to pitch their products or services. This nurtures existing relationships with management teams, and also establishes connections with new decision makers.

Go the Extra Mile

Success does not come easy to those who put in the minimal amount of effort. If success is your end-goal, it is imperative that you go the extra mile to work with your partner in an innovative and creative way. Encourage collaboration, be forthcoming with ideas, and inspire conversation about the products and services that you offer. This effort will not go unnoticed and will undoubtedly result in mutual success.

One of the best ways in which to ensure a successful partnership is meticulous, careful planning, as well as communication and continued support. When this cohesion is visible through your partnership, there is no denying the fact that success will come easily to your organisation.

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