Why YOU should consider Becoming an Authorised IQ Retail Business Partner

Becoming an IQ Retail business partner is the easiest way to expand on your existing software solutions offering,

Herewith some of the advantages or plus points of becoming an authorised IQ Retail reseller or business partner.

Well established software solution

IQ Retail has over 15 000 customers across Africa. This means our software works and is the preferred solution for many leading brands.

Access to excellent training

As an authorised reseller, attending regular training could improve your expertise in using the software, especially if it is a very good and user-friendly system like that of IQ Retail’s. It takes the customer experience to a new level.
Partner and collaborate with industry experts

Retail management software has advanced to the benefit of all industry stakeholders, channel partners, customers and suppliers. Being part of IQ Retail's established reseller network, nurtures partnerships and puts you in contact with various industry experts, management teams and decision-makers.

As part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems group, IQ Retail has access to global industry experts within the distributive, wholesale, and retail trades. With over thirty years of experience and technology acumen in addition to a continuous investment in R&D, IQ Retail is backed by a global industry leading group.

Continuous investment in R&D

IQ Retail is part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems Group, who invests heavily in R&D. That means IQ Retail is able to offer solutions that runs on the latest and greatest technology with the addition of various other add on modules or applications that digitises and streamlines various other processes.

Excellent Rebates

Due to an incredible reputation, offering an exceptional solution and serving as the preferred business management software solutions provider for many leading brands, IQ Retail has grown from strenth to strength and their business partners share in that growth. IQ Retail has provided over 300% in rebates over the last two to three years and it contiues to increase.

Expand on your offering

Affiliating with an industry leader ensures faster access to products and software that have already proven their efficiency and reliability. As an IQ Retail business partner, you are able to tap in to other well-known solutions from the group to maximise earnings. You can start promoting and selling immediately. And you get additional marketing support from the IQ team.

If you are already a software reseller, adding on IQ Retail to your suite of solutions could be quite easy, and will be a quick way to add more sales and profit to your bottom line. Why not create that additional income stream with IQ Retail?

If you are interested in becoming an IQ Retail Business Partner, contact us today for more information.