Continued Success Through IQ Retail’s Training Programme

Our latest article highlights how IQ Retail's training programme has enabled one of our new Business Partners to provide even better service to their customers. Find out more.

Since our establishment, one of the most important foundational parts of IQ Retail’s business model has been to help our customers and Business Partners to better understand our software. It goes without saying - the better you understand a software solution, the more benefit you will be able to derive from its features and functionality.

As a result, IQ Retail’s training programme was established in the early 2000s and to date, we have trained approximately 300 students annually. To accommodate customers’ and BPs’ busy schedules and varying training requirements, IQ Retail’s training programme is presented in multiple formats including, Classroom and Self-paced training.

Our classes are presented in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg. 

Courses on offer include IQ Enterprise ERP, Payroll and Role-base / Short course for example: Inventory Controller, Financial Controller and Point of Sale.

Downloadable user guides are available for students to master the different modules within our solution.

Each course has been designed to provide students with:

  • a broad product information base,
  • a better understanding of IQ’s solutions, and
  • greater confidence when using our software.

Recently, we were honoured to host one of our new Business Partners, Vengaland, for a 5-days IQ Enterprise training course. CEO, Henk Havenga, affirms the importance of fully understanding a software solution, to be able to provide top-notch customer service: “In business, product knowledge is everything and experience determines the level of service our clients receive.”

In terms of their overall training experience, Henk paid a hearty compliment to trainer, Lisa Dimech, for the high quality and professional standards at which their training was presented. On the trainer’s technical and product knowledge, Henk added the following: “IQ Retail is very blessed to have a person like Lisa, who has the depth of product knowledge and technical experience, who contributed to one of the best, holistic training sessions I have ever attended and for that I am thankful. Lisa made me feel very welcome in helping me to meet the new IQ Team, that we as a business will be working with, thus goes to show that she really embraces her position with passion and with competence.”

“We as Vengaland are confident that in partnership with IQ Retail we can now supply our customers with the highest level of support.” he concluded.

IQ Retail is proud to welcome Vengaland on board as our valued Business Partner network continues to grow. We also look forward to continuing our efforts in providing high-quality technical product training to Business Partners and customers.

If you would like to find out more, visit our training page and book your session today.

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