North Liquor Invests in IQ Business for Its Strong Inventory Management

When North Liquor, a liquor store in North West, were looking for an all in one retail solution to support their business, they opted for IQ Retail.

North Liquor, an IQ Retail customer since 2011, is a small business with four employees, who all use the IQ system. Nelson Pedro, Owner at North Liquor, said “We heard about IQ Retail through Build It, as many of their stores make use of IQ Retail. We were really struggling with our old system at the time, as it was not doing what we needed it to do for our business.” Nelson added, “We compared alternative solutions with similar features like stock and GRV, but IQ Retail came highly recommended by other businesses in the market and they met all our requirements.”

Nelson commented, “By using IQ Business, we can see many improvements in productivity and we were able to save time, especially when we do stock count as it is much better and goes much faster than before.”

The IQ Business solution offers you everything you need to empower your business in the distributive and retail trades. IQ Business is a broad based financial and functional solution that utilises the latest business trends and best practises to place those vital controls in your business, as is necessary in these markets. This fully integrated solution gives you an edge in the market, with up-to-date forex revaluations in accounts payable and receivable, while the customised reporting functionality gives you continual access and control.

Nelson added, “IQ Retail has positively impacted our success by helping our team perform challenging tasks more effective and faster, with less hassle. The biggest advantage would be the stock control management that the system offers. IQ Retail helps us control the business in a much smoother way, through their IQ Business solution. My stress levels have definitely gone down since we started using IQ Business!” Furthermore, Nelson said, “IQ Retail is brilliant, and I highly recommend their solutions.”

“North Liquor chose IQ Retail above other solutions in the market, for its point of sale, improved stock control, and its great reporting functionality which helps them month after month with their books. IQ has impacted North Liquor in a positive way by effectively keeping track of what's going on in their business.” said Alwyn Neethling from Neo Wave (Pty) Ltd, an authorized IQ Retail business partner. Alwyn added, “North Liquor has found great value in the IQ Business solution, it gives them a realistic view of overall performance and gives them greater control over their business.”

After investing in the IQ Business solution, it enabled North Liquor to:

  • Streamline day to day business operations
  • Increase store efficiency
  • Utilise a user-friendly point of sale
  • Customise reporting
  • Improve stock management

Gains and Benefits that North Liquor enjoys with IQ Business:

  • Comprehensive stock reporting as well as various standard reports
  • Advanced filtering engine
  • Invoice directly from the sales order
  • Real time access to actual data and performance
  • Email statements and invoices to customers
  • Strong back-dating functionality
  • Advanced POS
  • Reliable and accurate management reporting.