Tuschemy chooses IQ Retail for its Trusted Retail Management Solutions

When Tuschemy were in the market for a retail management solution, they chose to invest in IQ Retail. They required a stable and robust solution that offers the best in class as far a financial functionality goes, which was exactly what IQ Retail was able to offer them. In addition to a complete ledger, debtors, creditors, and inventory integration.

Tuschemy is a chemical manufacturing company, who manufactures chemical products in their factory based in Strand in the Western Cape, sourcing raw materials locally and abroad. They have distribution centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Merna Warnick, Bookkeeper at Tuschemy, said “Tuschemy has been in business for 13 years now and consists of two branches, one in Strand with 23 employees, as well as a branch in Pretoria North with three permanent staff and one casual.”

Merna added, “Before implementing IQ Retail’s IQ Business solution in 2010, we managed most of our processes manually. We decided to go with the IQ system to make things easier for ourselves. We are in the manufacturing business, and we need to keep track of what goes out and what comes into the business, and IQ Retail was perfect for this, our system helps us keep track of things as you can see what comes as well as your GRV goods in, plus you can see what goes out when you do the sales.”

Merna commented, “We have a variety of clients and process a lot of transactions daily. We have a many big clients, some clients in the SME market as well as many walk-in clients that will purchase one item and then we have bigger clients that orders on large scale only. Our client base consists mostly of farms, laundries and big scale clients.”

Merna added, “We are able to provide a better service to our customers because of easy access to the necessary information; we can see what's going on at any given time whether we are waiting for an item, if it's a purchase order not fulfilled or whatever it might be, it impacts our ability to respond to our customers in a positive way and helps us to see what any of our staff has done.” Merna further explained, “We have all our client details on the IQ system, and if I go into one of our client's profiles then I basically get the whole summary of that specific client's information with one click. I can see what they normally buy, what the price is as well as what the client’s address and contact details are - all of the information is at my disposal with one click of a button - this is a very nice feature to have. With many other systems you go in on a company's profile and then you have to click on multiple windows and icons to see different information of the same client, where IQ has this as an all in one function.”

Merna said, “With IQ Retail it is quick and easy to learn, apply and navigate through their system. It is very basic and practical; everything is easily accessible, and it is not difficult to understand. I started with the company in November 2017 and by January 2018 I knew exactly how the creditors side of IQ worked, and then I went over to learning the debtor side of IQ, and it's been a very easy journey with IQ to work and understand the program.”

Furthermore, Merna said, “IQ has impacted our success a great deal because it is such an easy program to understand. You catch on to what needs to be done quicker - so you can complete the tasks at hand faster. To learn how to operate the IQ system, is quite easy, and because of this, it is way easier to grasp what’s going on within the business.. If I run in to any issues or need some help to sort something out, then the IQ helpdesk sorts me out quickly. We don’t need to use them often though, as the system is really easy to use.”

IQ Business is a fully integrated global solution, with up-to-date forex revaluations in accounts payable and receivable, while the customised reporting functionality gives you continued access and control.

Key Facts:

  • Invoice directly from Quotes, Sales Orders, Job Cards and GRV directly from Purchase Order
  • Track costs and sales history
  • Drill-down enquiries to view transactions on an item

Gains & Benefits of IQ Business that Tuschemy enjoys:

  • Comprehensive stock reporting
  • Real time access to data and performance
  • Customised reporting capabilities
  • Advanced security, integrity, and support
  • Advanced POS
  • Drill down functionality to manage inventory and employees
  • Reliable and accurate management reporting

About Tuschemy
Water Treatment: This includes water purification for drinking water as well as effluent water treatment, cooling water treatment for open and closed cooling systems and boiler water treatment.
Cleaning Products: General cleaning products for household, institutional, accommodation, industrial and marine industries. We also specialise in laundry and food/beverage industries.
Personal Hygiene: Personal hygiene products include top quality hand sanitiser, shampoo, foam bath and shower gel.