Streamline Sales Management for Tyre and Fitment Centres

Large inventory and detailed sales quotations, commonplace in the tyre and fitment industry, require more advanced sales management. Having multiple tasks performed from a single screen fast-tracks and streamlines sales operations.

One Single View for inventory

In the tyre and fitment industry, accessing the relevant product data for quotation and invoicing purposes can become a lengthy task, even more so if the company still relies on manual processes. Investing in a business management solution or ERP automates inventory and stock control, allowing easier database search and order processing.

However, sales representatives usually switch among various screens to browse information about tyre sizing, pricing, brand specs and other data. Their job would be simplified if they performed all these tasks from one dashboard instead of multiple screens.

IQ Retail has developed the add-on module, SingleView, for this purpose, based on the complexity of tyre and fitment operations that require advanced stock management, a variety of pricing and sizing options, and a multitude of services e.g. wheel balancing.

One Single View for customer data

To prepare sales documents - quotes, invoices, reports - in the tyre and fitment business, sales teams need to access customer information, search the client database based on multiple variables, and assign the correct products and services to each quotation.

For example, a salesperson may need foremost to search through customer data based on car registration number, client name, contact number or address. After identifying the client, the system will have to recall pricing data pertaining to certain tyre brands and sizes. Other tasks may be necessary, such as grouping data by category, e.g. allowing the client to view the cost of each tyre brand of a specific size.

By implementing the SingleView app, a tyre and fitment centre can access customer information, search the client database, process orders, and customise sales reports in one single screen, therefore fast-tracking sales.

One Single View for customer service

Instant access to customer data and sales processes in one screen also improves customer service in the tyre and fitment marketplace. Customers receive speedy service, the probability of incorrect orders is eliminated, and sales agents can pull out all the relevant data even before the customer’s order gets to the counter. Overall, customer service becomes more efficient.

Although developed for the tyre and fitment industry, IQ Retail's SingleView module can successfully work in other industries as well.

IQ Retail has developed fully integrated retail management software and add-on solutions for your business or franchise.