Improved Payment Methods a Key Consumer Requirement

Post Covid-19, we have seen digital transformation progress at an even faster speed. Businesses have to keep up with the latest technology as well as with rising consumer demands to remain competitive.

One key consumer expectation is around how businesses engage with customers and manage payment processes. Some great examples of such technologically advanced solutions that live up to customer expectations are from Innervation, a leading Payments and Customer Engagement solutions business, who have extended their range of multi-channel transactional services which are now available for IQ Retail’s customers. This is a great development and equips businesses with the right solutions for the unusual and changing times we find ourselves in.

Innervation helps businesses get closer to their customers by providing secure Payment and Customer Engagement Solutions, enabling businesses to identify customers in a frictionless manner, and aiding effective customer engagement through the provision of behavioural insights which help inform the way businesses operate.

Card and Mobile QR Payment Services

The Innervation Payments service enables the ability to securely accept card and mobile QR payments. It provides businesses with a fast, safe, convenient and cost-effective way to accept payments by credit, debit, cheque, and prepaid cards, be they associated branded or private label cards, as well as contactless payments (Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay & contactless cards).

Innervations’ Mobile QR Payment enablement provides acceptance of multiple mobile QR payments (scan-to-pay) – this includes all the Masterpass supported bank apps, as well as additional alternative payments such as consumer credit offerings (Mobicred and SwitchPay), and Ozow. Additional service providers will be made available as they are integrated with Innervation. The mobile QR payment capability also supports Innervation Gift Card & Loyalty, Innervation Rewards and other private label tenders.

The service is designed to be one of the easiest and simplest systems to operate, manage and maintain – offering reduced risk and increased convenience both at the point of sale as well as in the back office, and are backed by an enhanced reconciliation system and comprehensive insights offering.

Innervation also supplies new generation Pin Entry Devices (PEDs) and Standalone Terminals that enable merchants to securely accept traditional card payments (insert, swipe and contactless) and scan-to-pay QR payments (Masterpass QR and alternative payment providers), as well as process loyalty, gift card and virtual voucher transactions, in-store and on the go.

Customer Engagement Services

It’s never been more important to know who your customers are or to understand how they shop. Customers expect you to know what they want, when they want it, and to communicate and engage in ways that resonate with them. By gathering and analysing customer data, businesses can make more informed decisions that drive tangible business benefits and meet customer expectations.

Innervation’s range of Customer Engagement services enable the use of merchant sales and payment data to optimise the customer experience and to grow revenue. These services are all backed by enhanced reconciliation services.

These services include:

  • Gift Cards & Virtual Vouchers - Innervation’s Gifting service provides an easy, simple and manageable stored value system that seamlessly integrates across all customer facing channels and enables the load and redemption of gift cards (in-store) and virtual vouchers (in-store and online) within the retail environment.
  • Loyalty - Loyalty is about understanding your customers, their buying behaviour and their preferences. These insights can be used to engage, incentivise and reward to ensure repeat business, increased basket size and value, and to improve new customer acquisition and encourage customer retention. Innervation’s Loyalty Service can be integrated across all customer facing transactional channels.
  • MyReceipts e-Receipting - MyReceipts is a digital receipting solution that integrates directly into the merchant channel (POS & Web) and stores an electronic version of the receipt which the customer can access via SMS, email, MyReceipts portal or App. Save on paper costs, gain valuable insights into customer buying behaviour and deliver relevant dynamic marketing messages that keep your customers engaged.

Interested in these offerings?

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