IQ Retail Customer, Thomas Tyres, uses Phocas for Increased Productivity

Through successful collaboration, Thomas Tyres enjoys accurate, actionable, forward-thinking financials.

Partnership that leads to increased efficiency and more informed decision-making.

That is the result that Thomas Tyres has experienced from using Phocas Business Intelligence Software. Thomas Tyres’ reporting and operations used to be reliant on static spreadsheets which are time-consuming and often times, volatile. “You change just one field, and everything falls apart”, Project Manager, Pierre van Zyl stated.

To assist with their challenge, KCS and IQ Retail have introduced Thomas Tyres to Phocas. Phocas Analytics and Financial Statements provides integration with Thomas Tyres’ ERP system— IQ Enterprise. Only 3 weeks after the introduction, Pierre decided that Thomas Tyres should work with Phocas going forward. With close collaboration, the system was mapped out to Pierre’s requirements.

Previously, Pierre and his team spent around 25% of their week to field research requests and write SQL searches to deliver insights into business data. Many of these searches were single-use only, making them time-bound, high-effort, and low-impact. After implementing Phocas, Pierre and his team now have access to in-depth insights that enable them to immediately respond to questions at management meetings. “Today, I can answer all their questions on the fly because of Phocas”, Pierre added.

Additional benefits that Thomas Tyres enjoys by using Phocas, include:

  • Integrated financial information to access budgeting, reporting, and analysis.
  • Automated alerts, editable dashboards, and a simple UI.
  • ROI within the first 6 months, thanks to a strong partnership and best practices.

For the first time, senior management can do dedicated long-term planning thanks to a clear, detailed view of investments, real-time financial consolidation across the group, and access to all their data. With its simple UI, different individuals in the business can use Phocas to do their own research.

IQ Retail and KCS look forward to supporting the continued partnership between Thomas Tyres and Phocas. We strongly believe that the future looks bright for Thomas Tyres, thanks to increased efficiencies and actionable insights to data.

To access the full case study, visit our Phocas partner page.