IQ Retail - Trusted by Crawford Steel Services for Over 26 Years

Crawford Steel Services was established 26 years ago, as Aspect. They initially started doing epoxy powder coating, and a year later they started selling steel.

Crawford Steel Services has been an IQ Retail customer since their store opened in 1994, with 2 employees, today there are about 50 of which 15 of them are office based and making use of the IQ Retail system. Crawford Steel Services started on IQ Retail’s legacy program, IQ DOS, and in later years upgraded to a more modern solution known as IQ Business.

Dicky Crawford, Owner at Crawford Steel Services, said “IQ Retail came recommended by my brother and I decided to invest in their system.” Dicky added, “At Crawford Steel Services the main operation is steel sales. It is also a retail business but manufactures items out of steel. We sell a lot of security type products from locks and gate motors to razor wire. We do big steel structures and a little bit of manufacturing as well as machining and engineering. We cover anything and everything related to steel. We supply the Western Cape area, and go as far as Gansbaai, Paarl and Cape Town.”

Dicky commented, “IQ Business offers a lot to our business. It sorts out all the accounting issues i.e. ledger, cash-up, stock, etc. We have grown with the system - it was a lot harder in the old days with our first IQ system, but both our business and the IQ System have evolved.”

The IQ Business solution offers you everything you need to empower your business in the distributive and retail trades. The system is a broad-based financial solution that utilises the latest business trends and best practises to hand those vital controls back to your business. This fully integrated solution gives you an edge in the market, with up-to-date forex revaluations in accounts payable and receivable, while the customised reporting functionality gives you continual access and control.

Dicky added, “Our favourite feature of IQ Retail is the stock control and pricing.” Furthermore, Dicky said, “IQ Retail has been a big help in our business’ success, as we have worked with IQ since the beginning and have grown with it. IQ is very good, very reliable and I cannot complain. It does its job and we are very happy with the service we receive.”

Gains & Benefits of IQ Business that Crawford Steel Services enjoys:

  • Comprehensive stock reporting and standard reports
  • Customised reports and advanced filtering engine
  • Invoice directly from the sales order
  • Streamlined critical control processes
  • Flexible merchandising supply
  • Real time access to actual data and performance
  • Email statements and invoices to customers
  • Strong back-dating functionality
  • Advanced security, integrity, and support
  • Drill down functionality to manage inventory and employees
  • Reliable and accurate management reporting.

About Crawford Steel Services
Crawford Steel Services have always strived to give good service and quality workmanship. The business was built on quick and efficient service, which we try to uphold.

We cut sectional steel to length.
We cut and weld structural beams.
We guillotine and bend sheets from 0.5mm to 6mm.
We profile cut plates from 4mm to 50mm.
We make up braai pans, grids, chimneys/flues, gutters, etc.
We deliver for free in Helderberg.