JF Paints t/a Dulux Specialist Paint Centre Talk About Their IQ & Phocas Integration

JF Paints trading as Dulux Specialist Paint Centre’s head offices are based in Somerset West. They provide top-quality professional paints and coatings in a range of high-quality, internationally recognised paint products, suitable across a variety of industries. JF Paints has grown into 9 branches and four distribution centres since starting in 1996, spread across the Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape as well as Namibia.

JF Paints has been an IQ Retail customer since November 2012 with 32 IQ Enterprise terminals in place. The JF Paints business has been growing successfully and the leading paints supplier has been keeping up with the times, ensuring they have the latest technology in place. With that in mind, JF Paints required a business intelligence solution that would integrate with their IQ Enterprise system, ensuring they make the most of their data to best serve their customers.

IQ Retail, a Kerridge Commercial Systems Company, recently joined forces with Phocas, a leading BI solution’s provider, to enable customers to make the most of their data. Phocas simply integrates into IQ’s ERP or Business Management Systems or even with alternative systems. This partnership makes it easier for businesses to access, analyse, report and share information held in their ERP systems. Understanding more of your data can help you to increase your profits, improve on efficiencies and empower you to make more informed decisions.

We checked in with JF Paints’ Financial Manager, Andre Olivier, to find out how the BI integration has been working for them so far…

Andre said, “Phocas has taken reporting and management to the next level, the simplicity of Phocas makes it easy for any user to interpret the data and make decisions accordingly.”

Andre further commented, “The experience from demo to our going live date was excellent, everything was done within the timeliness, the execution was great and hardly needed any rework. Phocas and the team from IQ Retail took great care of our requirements during the process. Any issues we had, was effectively addressed in a timeous manner. Phocas cleared all the issues with regards to reporting.

Furthermore, Andre explained, “It was great dealing with a professional team, from both the IQ and Phocas teams. The business knowledge of both teams was exceptional, and all questions and concerns were addressed. Nowhere during the process were we advised that something is not possible.”

Andre said, “I would highly recommend Phocas to IQ customers, you simply can’t run a business effectively without Phocas. Phocas increases the Efficiency, Effectiveness, and warning signs in all areas of the business and ensures management can focus on more important aspects of the business and be forward-thinking.”

Andre added, “Phocas ensures that more time can be spent on the management of the business and less time on compiling information. With the functionality that Phocas offers, it ensures management will be alerted when there’s information or results outside of the norm that was set out and requires input or action.”

Benefits that the Dulux Specialist Paint Centre now get to enjoy:

  • Allows different departments of the business to streamline reporting
  • Timely heads up or warning signs of info that management needs to be aware of
  • Improved reporting
  • Improved monitoring of Budget vs Actual performance
  • Improved efficiencies of employees

Andre added, “Phocas allows users to access various KPI’s and can track progress against the targets set out.”

More about Phocas:

Phocas is a leading Business Intelligence software provider, enabling businesses to optimize business performance with company-wide analytics.

Here’s how Phocas can help you:

  • Easily add it to your ERP or Business Management system
  • Consolidate your data into a single source of truth
  • Gain insights into sales trends by product, territory, and value
  • Helps you to identify customer variance, gap analysis and sets margin alerts
  • Automate and create interactive and up to date dashboard reports
  • Create relevant KPI views for key staff to drive decision-making